Nowadays everybody claims that can do some basic color correction, but it is actually one of the most painful processes if you want to do it right. We have developed our own technique for very deep, sharp and powerful color correction, based on photography and Photoshop methods of re-touching a frame. We only work with RAW Footage, with some exceptions and we can transform every shot into a work of art. We work with RAW footage from every type of digital cinema camera since the very first RED ONE model came out and we specialize in BLACKMAGIC Cameras, but also in RED and ARRI, even the newest ones. We are against the cheap video look, even for found footage style shots (we can always manipulate them after the first color correction) and we test everything on 4K monitors for the best possible results.

Retouching difficult shots

Sometimes a moving object, especially when shot on 24 frames a second, can be hard to manipulate with precision. Simple roto-scoping doesn't do the trick most of the times and masks around the object require some clever technique and plug-ins to become trully invincible. It works for 99 out of 100 shots, even for handheld or with poor lighting conditions.