We only use silicone for our molds and final pieces, we refuse to use any type of latex or other material. The excuse most artists will give you for having a LATEX piece is always the price, but for most it is also the fact that latex can be painted easily and doesn't always require speed or precision. Silicone on the other hand doesn't stick to anything else and can only be painted with more silicone and special colors and pigments. But that is exactly the beauty of it. No more latex foam cheap-looking masks and body parts, we offer the cheapest prices for high quality platinum silicone masks, that sometimes can be 1/3 or 1/4 of what other artists require for their job.

You will be surprised to hear our offers and you can easily compare them to everything else out there. We don't try to become rich, we provide a service and we create ART.

Punching hair or creating eyes should also not come with an extra cost. It is hard work, but with the right technique you can have the best results with a fracture of the labor cost.

We try to make it
POSSIBLE for small movie productions, theater productions and any type of event or convention to have a trully masterful work of art, that can stand the test of time.


Latex masks always carry a lot of bacteria from salive, sweat and dust particles. By cleaning them, you can never be sure for the hygienic level, especially if you keep wearing the mask for a long time. Silicone on the other hand can be fully cleaned and be in prestine condition each and every time, with no worries at all.


Try to fix anything made out of latex. You can't! If an accident happens or if the scene requires tension, the piece is garbage. With silicone on the other hands, there are countless ways to fix anything, even long after it is made. Even big missing parts. We can reproduce them out of the same mold and glue them carefully on the part or mask. In the end, silicone is cost effective and also saves you from a lot of trouble.